1. Feel energized, uplifted and reinforce your immunity system.

When your body has the abundance of nutrients that it needs for optimal health and your pH is optimized, you will feel an enormous amount of energy unlike anything you’ve experienced before. And by supercharging your system with aminos, enzymes and other phytochemicals, you will also ramp up your immunity system.

2. Finally get the recommended Daily Allowance of fruits and veggies

We are supposed to get 7-15 servings of veggies a day. When was the last time you ate this many servings… in ONE day? Be honest. No judgement here! Thanks to the diversity of our recipes you are also introduced to a wider variety of veggies and herbs. Many people will have a salad once or twice a day, which is great to an extent. 

3. Protect your liver, your skin and look younger

By extracting the raw juice from liver-friendly vegetables and fruit like carrots, beets and apples, we give you a concentrated shot of cellular cleansing, liver regeneration and healing for your skin. Cold -press juices are naturally full of nutrients like antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins for your skin health.

4. Healthy weight loss

Most of you will often get excited to embark on a juicing-for-health program because you will lose weight so easily while juicing. But after the initial thrill of the pounds melting away without a lot of effort, you will realize weight loss becomes secondary to all the other great health benefits you will have experienced.

5. Accessible healthy product for everyone - delivered straight to your door!

Juicing is catching on with all sorts of people – from soccer moms to busy executives, stars and athletes. Cold-press juicing is a quick, easy and economical way to get healthy and stay fit. Many stars eat raw food and juice to prepare for a role or an appearance. Some athletes power up their performance with the high-energy fuel of raw juice. 

6. Reconnect to nature.

Unlike bottled juices, our cold press fresh juices made from organic fruits and vegetables retain all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients found in the live plant. In that way juicing everyday reminds you of the pure goodess from Mother Earth and allows you to connect with Nature. Which it’s not always an easy thing to do in our modern busy lives!

More than 80 percent of our surveyed customers lost weight after their juice programs. But that was only the beginning of their transformation. They also reported improvements in their immunity, digestion, allergies, women’s issues, and chronic illness. They also enjoyed better sleep and the need for less of it!



Remember your mother’s constant refrain about eating your daily fruit and veg? We argued valiantly that we did but could never convince her that tomato ketchup was a vegetable! Turns out though that Mama is entirely correct and we really should’ve heeded her advice as it’s been irrefutably proven that a diet full of fresh produce is one of the best ways to maintain near perfect health. 

Unfortunately, most fruit and vegetables found in Hong Kong’s popular markets are coated in man-made chemicals that are potentially harmful. That’s why we recommend organically grown food - fruits and veggies that are grown naturally to give you all their goodness and nutrients, just as nature intended. 

Pesticides, often used in mass produced foods, can lead to serious health concerns, especially for those with health concerns. In recent medical studies, it has been found that pesticides could affect the proper functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems as well as enhancing the risks of various forms of cancer.


There's more than one way to juice a fruit or vegetable. There’s the normal regular way, and then there’s the cold-pressed way – widely considered the “Rolls Royce” of juice extraction!

The traditional juicing method employs centrifugal machines which heat the product so it is easy to juice, but in so doing, destroys most of the minerals and vitamins from the extract. Cold pressed processes, on the other hand, "presses" so the maximum amount of nectar can be extracted from the pulp and fibre of the fruit and vegetable, leaving a raw and fresh juice.

Ultimately, it means more of the minerals and vitamins are retained rather than being lost to the process.



Step 1: We use only organic fruits and vegetables, which are carefully cleaned and prepared

Step 2 : Each ingredient is transformed into a refined pulp. This process does not heat the product so all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are retained.

Step 3 : Each pulp extract is “Pressed” using our specialized hydraulic presses to extract the juice and conserve all the nutrients

Step 4 : After extraction, the raw juice ingredients are mixed according to recipe and the final product is sealed in 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles.



Mr. Green Juice’s Process conserves the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes of the vegetables and fruits. But don’t just take our word for it! Our boffins have created the following table after careful analysis and comparison of the traditional extraction processes and our very own Mr. Green Juice way:

Our study dramatically shows the efficacy of the Mr Green Juice Process compared to traditional extraction processes to create an extremely refined pulp. The enormous pressure applied by the hydraulic press accounts for the very marked superiority in the extraction of mineral content.

Today, after decades of controversy, the plastic, bisphenol-A (BPA), has at last fallen out of favor as a beverage container material. The replacement? Bisphenol-S (BPS)! Well, that’s much better! Except that it might actually be worse.

According to recent studies, as discussed in a recent article in the Washington Post, BPS might well be more harmful than the BPA it replaces. So plastic is not an option for us, still. 

Another good reason to use glass is that it is odorless and tasteless. As opposed to plastic, which is mostly made of natural gas, that accounts for the odor and for the taste that plastic imparts to liquid stored within it.

That’s why humans have been using glass to store and drink beverages for more than 5,000 years. (Well that and the fact that glass is made from a very abundant natural resource: sand!).

Our juices are bottled in glass, as glass better preserves the live enzymes and vitamins.  As we never artificially extend our juices shelf life with pasteurization or high pressure processing (HPP), glass allows is to keep our juices intact for 72 hours. 

Want to join our bottle return program? All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Drink your juice
  2. Rinse your bottle
  3. Bring it back to us (minus the cap) or call us for pick up. 

We will keep track for you along the way, and every time you hit 12 bottles you will receive a 250 ml juice on the house, or a complimentary voucher of 50hkd in your next purchase.

We collect a minimum of 18 glass bottles twice a month (first and last Friday of the month) between 8-10am. Please give us your contact details and address if different from your delivery address.

For quantities under 18 bottles, you may help us recycle by dropping them, together with the cooler bag, off at our juice bar and collect a free 250mL juice.