We are passionate about two things: healthy cuisine and making it delicious, fun and accessible to the community. We are looking for experienced and creative franchisee partners who share in this passion to expand our vision.

Our team provides both initial and ongoing support in the form of store design (online and offline), POS development, training, marketing, operations and business consultation. We understand the ever-changing health trends and the concerns of health conscious individuals — knowledge that we pass on to you in franchisee support. We will also provide you with the tools and manuals you require to successfully build and operate a Mr. Green Juice franchise.

We give you the opportunity to leverage the power of a health and wellness brand and establish it in your own community.

More Than Just a Juicery

To say we are a cold-pressed juicery is true, but Mr. Green Juice is more than just a juicery. We are a convenient source of whole and living foods, delivering healthy goods to those who desire to eat and drink healthy without sacrificing flavour. We’re continually striving to improve our products and our delivery experience ensuring our customers a hassle-free delivery of nutritious fare.

With our online platform and our juice bar, we now offer a wide range of juices, super smoothies, hearty salads and raw soups, and even coffee and tea to suit anyone’s tastes. Mr. Green Juice is about making health accessible to everyone, just the way they like it. After all, we believe that a healthy life is not dictated by diets but a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


Community Oriented

Mr. Green Juice at The Green Race - Braemar Hill The community inspires who we are and what we do. We believe in helping not only the communities our customers are part of but also the communities from where our fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested. We source our produce locally as much as possible to help local business and ensure that only the freshest fruits and vegetables in season fill our bottles. With our focus on inspiring a life of balance and health, we organise events and activities that promote health, fitness and learning.

We encourage all franchisees to do the same and be active within their own community, to give back and to pay forward. Not only do these actions create a positive brand awareness around Mr. Green Juice but they also contribute to the betterment of society, one act at a time.

Substantial Benefits For Franchisees

As a Mr. Green Juice Franchisee, you will receive help and support from the core management team who have developed a successful and dynamic business model. You will receive:

  • Trademark and Licensing
  • Project management and opening support
  • Specialist equipment - procurement & shipping
  • Full juicing, sales and marketing training
  • Food safety and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) training
  • Website, e-commerce and mobile app
  • Menu, product and ingredient sourcing support and updates
  • Brand book and style guidelines


Have You Got What It Takes?

Our ideal franchisee possesses the following qualities:

  • A passion for health and nutrition
  • F&B and multisite (multi-POS) business experience
  • Possesses at least US$100,000 and can secure own financing
  • Willingness to be an ambassador for the Mr. Green Juice brand in his/her own market

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