About Mr. Green Juice


Founded in 2014, Mr. Green Juice is Hong Kong’s first 100% organic cold-pressed juicery. We believe in giving our community the best tools to kickstart a healthy life without sacrificing flavour, thus our cold-pressed juices, nut milks, soups and salads are not only delicious but also raw and vegan friendly. Whether our customers want to go on a full cleanse or just pick up their day, we are happy to serve up superpowers in a bottle.

We are inspired to make health more accesible to our community with this mantra



We’re committed to using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to create our juices. The fruits and veggies we use are the freshest, most succulent and most wholesome available. And to do them justice, we employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that we extract the purest juice possible, with the highest density of nutrients and flavor! Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Drinking our juices everyday is an inexpensive extravagance, but for long-term health there is simply nothing better that you can do for yourself.
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Buying or growing organic promotes healthier living for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. Pesticides and herbicides used in mass food production seriously disrupts nature. It contaminates the ground water and ruins soil structures, leading to erosion. So support organic industries whenever you can.

Recycle everyday. We strive to reduce our waste by composting or donating all our food scraps and juice pulps  We use recycled and reusable glass bottles and invite our customers to join in. Click here to see drop off points across Hong Kong.



We know life in our metropolis can be overwhelming. Too much work, too many commitments, too little time. Taking care of bodies and minds often take a back seat. But now there is something you can do to remedy that. And better yet, we’ve made it super convenient to help you make more positive life choices, Now, receiving your daily health boost from Mr. Green Juice is just a click away. And better yet, we deliver! We’ll label your juice with all its ingredients so you know exactly what you’re drinking and understand all the benefits. We can even customize your daily juice and remember your preferences for your next Mr. Green Juice order.



We feel a strong sense of responsibility to protect our environment. It governs the choices we make and drives our future plans. We will continue to reduce in every way our carbon footprint and will continue to seek out new ways to make our operations greener and engage more with the local community. We’re well on our way and we are proud that all our fruits and vegetables are sourced locally:  Home Grown is our main vendor and small local farmers, based in the New Territories, are providing more and more fresh produce for us, every day.