Pros & Cons of Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed is a term that most of us are not familiar with until we hear about it in celebrity news or Instagram. While this juicing method can sound fadish, there's a lot to be said for the cold-pressing process and juice quality and quantity that it yields. 

Cold-pressing is a slow and delicate process but gets the most out of each piece of fruit or vegetable. Because the cold-pressed juicer has no blades, it does not produce as much heat as the centrifugal machine therefore keeping more nutrients intact.


  • More nutrients
  • Darker colour in juicing
  • Hardly any juice froth
  • Extracts more juice through pressure
  • Very quiet
  • Less pulp than centrifugal
  • Juices leafy green more efficiently than centrifugal
  • Can break down nuts to make nut mylks
  • The different filters can process ingredients to make bliss ball mixture
  • More gratitude for the end result and the delicate process your juice has gone through


  • Usually more expensive
  • Takes longer to produce the same amount of juice
  • Preparation: ingredients need to be chopped into small pieces to go through extraction