What makes your juice special?

You asked, we listened - Now we bring you the answers to all of your Mr. Green Juice questions!
Q: Do you add anything to enhance the juice? What makes it special than regular juice?
-Chin Chin, Central
A: Some people say less is more, and we believe this applies to juicing. We do not add sugars and preservatives but we let the combination of different fruits and vegetables (and their combined nutrients and unique flavours) give you great health and satisfaction. 
Our production process is quite special too. As opposed to the usual blend and juice, our machine first grinds the vegetables into a fine pulp then extract the juice from the vegetable by using an extreme amount of force. The produce is not subjected to any heat during the process which allows all the healing enzymes and nutrients in the raw fruits and vegetables to remain alive in the juices. We pack 1kg of produce into each 420ml bottle, more vegetables than any of us actually eat. 
With Mr. Green Juice you're guaranteed more juice from each squeeze of organically sourced produce. We also bottle our juices in glass to better preserve the product and reduce our consumption of plastic. In other words, what makes us special is our attention to details and our care for everything we're involved in - from the source of our ingredients to your health. 
Do you have any more questions? E-mail them to info@mrgreenjuice and we will gladly answer them soon!