Take A Coffee Break... From Coffee

Grande? Iced? With non-fat milk? How do you like your Cup of Joe? Studies have shown that frequent and large consumptions of coffee can lead to adverse health effects. Being a stimulant drug, it directly affects the brain, digestion and nervous system. Consuming too much coffee raises the level of a stress hormone called CortisolWhile cortisol is a necessary hormone that plays important roles in the body, chronically high levels can trigger excess fat storage, which can lead to obesity. In addition, cortisol can cause cravings for sugar and increases in appetite.

Physicians generally agree that for most adults, 1-2 cups of coffee is relatively safe. However having a complete and regular break from coffee is also recommended to reduce the risk of addiction and its effects. In order to kick the habit there are easy techniques done worldwide that you can try: 

  • Quit - make a decision not to drink coffee on a certain day and stick to it
  • Slowly reduce coffee intake over time (reduce by a ½ cup per day)
  • Do a juice cleanse

A Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse can be a good way to take a coffee break and reset your body's caffeine tolerance. The cleanse provides a downpour of nutrients through the digestive and nervous systems, assisting the body in removing toxins and re-hydrating cells with antioxidants and live enzymes. The low fructose juice blends are made to lower your sugar cravings and are the perfect substitute for coffee. Instead of a sugar high experience the natural high of living nutrients, antioxidants and boosting minerals contained in the cold pressed juice and feel your body functioning optimally.  

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