Pre-Holiday Cleansing: Stay on the 'Nice' list this Christmas

It's official - we have entered the season of sugar, spice and everything nice. From Christmas parties to family reunions, the next few weeks will get a little overindulgent at times (though we admit to loving every minute of it) but even with the festivities around us, we want to help you go full throttle into a healthy and balanced routine for the Holidays with a juice cleanse program

A juice cleanse gives your liver, gall bladder and kidneys a break from their usual tasks of breaking down fats and processing heavy proteins and carbs. By giving these overworked organs a much needed rest, your digestive system will start running efficiently and smoothly again, resulting in better physical and mental well-being.

This season we bring you a Christmas special. Order 2 weeks or 3 weeks worth of 2 day cleanses to keep you healthy and balanced in spite of the feasts. Click here for more details.