Earth Warrior Wednesday: The Bottle Return Program

Recycle Your MGJ Bottles!We believe that a healthy Earth contributes to a healthy body and that is what drives us to consume, discard and recycle responsibly. You can help us do Mother Nature a great favour by returning our bottles and cooler bag when you're done with your cleanse and juices. As our way of saying THANKS, we'll give you a $25 voucher on your next order in return! 

Want to join our bottle return program? All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Drink your juice
  2. Rinse your bottle
  3. Call/e-mail us for pick-up (Pick Up Schedule: Friday)

We will keep track for you along the way, and every time you hit 12 bottles you will receive a 250 ml juice on the house, or a complimentary voucher of $50 on your next purchase. And because we know how easy it is to forget about the stuff we've accumulated, we will send a friendly reminder about your bottles through e-mail!