4 Post-Cleanse Tips to Keep That Glow

Just finished a juice cleanse? Hurrah! When done correctly, a juice cleanse is a great way to nourish and heal the body from all the stress we put it through, leaving one feeling lighter and cleaner. However, it's equally important to think about a wholesome post-cleanse lifestyle to maintain that glow. Experiencing the intensity of Hong Kong and its indulgent culture can easily undo all the work, so we're giving you tips on how to end your cleanse and keep feeling in top shape (and no, it doesn't involve a bag of cookies).

1. Keep It Simple - When breaking a cleanse, avoid eating too many different foods in one meal to ease digestion. Try lightly seasoned vegetables and slowly add meat into your diet after a couple of days. Doing a cleanse doesn't give you an excuse to inhale a bag of cookies but should kickstart healthy eating habits. When thinking about what to eat, try sticking to food that hydrates, fuels and heals your body to keep it running optimally. 

2. Drink Up - Your water, that is. Drinking more water flushes the toxins out, refreshes the mind, and aids in weight loss. Consider toting around a sleek reusable water bottle or downloading an app like Waterlogged to remind you (if you're that forgetful!) to drink the suggested daily intake of 8-10 glasses.

3. Sweat It Out - Sprint. Spin. "Shake It Off" in your room with Taylor Swift. Do your favorite workout routine to sweat out the toxins in your body. 

4. Chillax - Your body heals itself as you rest so be sure to get enough sleep to restore. Deep breathing helps relax the body as well so take time meditate each day.