How to fight the Hong Kong heat? Did you know our green cold press juice can cool your body down..?

The heat inside the human body has a huge say on how it adapts to temperature changes. Natural adaptation dictates that the body must cool down when the surroundings are hot, and it must warm itself up when the surroundings are cold. While homeostasis plays a huge role in adjusting body temperature, this natural adaptive process can either be assisted or sabotaged by the food you eat. Here is a list of some food that can affect your body temperature.

Foods that cool you down 

1. Watermelon or Honeydew 

This fruit contains a high amount of water, essential in bringing down body temperatures and helping you feel cooler. Not only does water have a natural cooling effect, but it also slows down digestion, causing slower metabolism and reducing heat output.

2. Spicy foods 

As it turns out, there is actually sound logic behind the eating of spicy foods in hot countries such as India and those in the Middle East. Because spicy foods such as chili peppers pack a lot of heat, they make you sweat. And sweating gives a cooling effect while lowering body temperatures.

3. Leafy vegetables 

Leaves in general contain a high amount of water. In fact, it is estimated that leafy greens contain an estimated 80-90% water. Not only that, but these vegetables are also easy to digest, ensuring that your digestive tract expends minimal effort and produces minimal heat in the process.