Wanna Know More About Cleansing?

Cleansing Q&A 

Can I cleanse while at work?

  • Yes.  However, everyones reaction to cleansing is different.  While some people feel alert and energized from their cleanse, others feel more lethargic than usual.  You may find it easier to stay busy, or prefer to take this time to rest.  Listen to your body.

Can I workout while cleansing?

  • Yes.  It is important to move.  Sweating helps to release toxins.  Some may find their normal moderate-vigorous workout routine to be a bit much.  Lower exertion exercises such as yoga, Pilates, walking, or swimming can be a good choice during a cleanse.

I feel hungry while cleansing?

  • Drink more water in between juices.  Staying hydrated helps to curb your appetite.  If you are still starving at the end of the day, add an additional juice or 2 to your daily cleanse regime.  If you are highly active, or above average in height, you may require more calories throughout the day. 

How do I prepare for a cleanse?

  • When you sign up for a cleanse you will receive a detailed email explaining how to prepare.   1-2 days prior to your start date, begin by drinking lots of water and incorporating 4-5 servings of alkaline foods such as fruits and veggies into your daily diet.  Good hydration and eliminating processed foods are the best way to prepare your body for a detox.

Am I going to feel tired during a cleanse?

  • Everyone is different. Cleansing has its ups and downs. At some point you will probably experience a decrease in energy.  The body is going through a transformation and it takes energy to adapt.  If you are tired, allow yourself to rest.  This is not permanent, your body will acclimate, and it will soon become more energized.

How many days should I cleanse?

  • This is entirely up to you.  Ask yourself, "what is it that I want to achieve from doing a cleanse?"  This should help you choose a duration.  If this answer is to just kickstart your health goals, start small.  If you want to create a more radical transformation to your body system, it requires more time and dedication.  Start with a number of days that is realistic to your lifestyle, and that you are willing to commit to. 

Don't forget we offer one, two, three or five days juice detox cleanses. Also there are three type of cleanses you can choose from: Easy, Lightly and Deeply.

You can pick the length/level combination that best fits your needs!

I hope this CLEANSING Q&A session is helpful to you!