Meatless Mondays with Mr. Green Juice

Research and evidence states that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and a limited amount of red meat can increase longevity, whereas a diet rich in red and processed meats is often associated with increases in cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

To reduce the build up of these diseases, a movement and public health awareness campaign called Meatless Monday was created during World War 1 to encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet at least once a week. It was later revived in 2003 by former ad man turned health advocate Sid Lerner (in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future) and has since become a health trend. With many people aware of the relation between their diets and their health (and the health of the earth), Meatless Monday is here to stay. 

Meal planning alone can take a lot of effort, while meal planning for a whole separate day can be difficult and even inconvenient. Mr. Green Juice makes Meatless Monday an effortless day for you with a pre-ordered Meatless Monday Meal Plan. Purchased once a month (with savings of $96), the meal plan will include 4 Mondays' (or your preferred day) worth of vegetarian friendly food. Here are the benefits:

  1. Convenient - Have each Monday’s meals delivered to your preferred location. Pay once, sit back and relax! Free delivery available, delivery fees apply to select districts.
  2. Customizable - Select your preferred smoothie, salad and cold pressed juice. You'll get to select your day too. Meatless Tuesdays? Why not? 
  3. Raw & Living Foods - From juice to granola, we produce our goods without the use of heat, keeping the live enzymes and vitamins of your food alive.

Ready to partake in the campaign with us? Click here to get started!



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