Can You Detoxify With Lemon Water?


Lemon with hot water has long been touted as a strong detoxifier, but studies show that the claims are misleading. Lemons contain an antioxidant called d-limonene (also in other citrus fruits) and has been shown to activate compounds in the liver that are part of the detoxification process. However, lemon juice only contains about 1/5 of the levels that are needed to detoxify and when we consume lemon with water, only a few slices of this fruit are usually added. On the flip side, consuming lemon water is a healthy habit with good benefits for the body. 

Hydration: Having a glass of lemon water, or any water for that matter, first thing in the morning helps us jump start our day with the hydration your body needs. Try to have 1-2 cups of water when they first wake up, lemon or not, to rehydrate after a night’s sleep.

Vitamin C: All citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange) are great sources of vitamin C. Having just 2 ounces of pure lemon juice in the AM will provide you will 1/2 of your vitamin C needs for the day.

Eat Less: Some studies suggest that drinking water (lemon or not) before meals leads to feeling full, which in turn will prevent overeating. Lemons also contain pectin fiber, which assists in fighting hunger cravings.

Reduce constipation: A lot of people forget that constipation, the discomfort felt during elimination and the bloatedness that comes with it, is brought on by a lack of hydration. Research suggests that drinking very warm water in the morning (lemon or not) on an empty stomach can help improve bowel movements while breaking down foods as they smoothly pass through the intestines. Stimulating the bowels with a cup of warm water with some lemon for added nutrition will help bring your body back to a hydrated and alkaline state.