Spring Cleansing

After a long, cold season of indulging in rich, comfort food, it helps to reset your body in order to steer it towards a healthier path. Between our food choices, lifestyle, and stress, we accumulate toxins and store them in our fat cells, colon, lymph nodes and blood stream. They begin to slow down the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and make it even harder to effectively expel waste.

This stress that our bodies undergo can manifest through fatigue, weight gain (especially around the waist), digestion problems, weakened immune system and etc. The good news: it's possible to cleanse your body of toxins and restore alkalinity with cold-pressed juice! A juice cleanse is easy on the body, as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The energy that would otherwise have gone towards digestion can then be redirected to detoxifying or cleansing. 

While you put your digestive system and stove to rest for a few days, your body goes through the following steps:

  • Rehydration - Your body is naturally rehydrated with juice and the water you consume to further support your cleanse. 

  • Alkaline Restoration - With the help of a juice cleanse, your body is cleansed and transformed from an acidic to an alkaline state. Bacteria, yeast, parasites thrive in acidic environments. 

  • Vitamins, Minerals and Live Enzymes - Our juices are made of 100% organic produce thus have no chemicals interfering with your intake of the good stuff from these fruits and vegetables. We don't add water to the juice, giving you a concentrated blend of vitamins and minerals.

  • CleansingOur juice cleanse can have a laxative effect which will help your body rid itself of toxins and improve your metabolism. 

We want to see you be your best self. Begin with a healthy lifestyle, kickstarted by a juice cleanse. Book yours here today!